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Gold Mermaid Earrings


A gorgeous pair of gold iridescent scales earrings, perfect for mermaid or dragon fans! Girly meets myth and magic these earrings are eye catching and truly beautiful! 10 Colour Options Available!

The Design:
The earring studs are GOLD plated and come with rubber backs.

Scales: The cabochon settings are 14mm with the mermaid scales inside measuring 12mm. They are silver plated and the scales are acrylic. They are truly stunning and have an iridescent sheen which makes them shine rainbow colours in the light.
Pick your colour by choosing from the numbered photo!

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Additional information

Primary color

1. Opal, 2. Blue/Purple, 3. Gold, 4. Lilac, 5. Green, 6. Hot Pink, 7. Red/Gold, 8. Baby Pink, 9. Blue, 10. Orange